Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The package I sent my ISE4 pal

The ISE4 pal I sent my 'Alpine Knit Scarf to was Tracy, who as it turns out is also a left handed knitter and has a blog called Lefties K2.

And here are the contents of the package I sent her...

In addition to the 'Alpine Knit Scarf' -- which I chose to knit for Tracy as she wanted a lacy scarf to wear during the summer months where she lives -- I included...

Two issues of 'Yarn' magazine -- the (then) current one, and a back issue I ordered from Purl Yarns as I thought Tracy would enjoy it.

A pack of Double Coat 'Tim Tams' -- these are an Australian taste treat that really need to be shared with the rest of the world.

A block of Lindt 'Crunchy Caramel' chocolate -- as Tracy has said on her blog that she likes milk chocolate with a bit of crunch to it.

And finally, two co-ordinated hanks of a really silky soft sari silk yarn, in colours I was sure Tracy would like.

The final package and scarf were very much appreciated by Tracy.

Mission accomplished! :)

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At 8:55 pm, July 10, 2007, Blogger Bets said...

I'm just a lurker on the KAL site and had to tell you how lovely your scarf is, what diligence! Beautiful knitting!

At 1:29 am, July 13, 2007, Blogger Tracy said...

Scarf is still very much being loved over here :-)

At 7:57 pm, July 18, 2007, Blogger Ann said...

I saw your finished Alpine Scarf on the Victorian Lace KAL & just had to let you know that it's gorgeous. I am also knitting the Alpine Scarf & just starting the centre panel. Your experience will be a great help to me as I knit along my Alpine scarf. Thanks.


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