Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More cuteness!

I think this may just be one of the cutest things ever...

It's a remote controlled Cat Bus toy which Amanda discovered while she was in Japan, which she brought over with her the other day so we all could have a play with it. I love the unusual way it works too -- the remote control (the brown log shaped object with the green leaf button) projects light on to the floor, and the Cat Bus moves around by following the light spot as you move it around. Loads of fun! :)

And remember the Puffkins I wrote about here? Well, Amanda shares my love for them, and seeing them sitting in my basket on the table next to my desk inspired her to find out which Puffkins might still be available. Several of the Halloween Puffkins caught her eye and were soon topping her list of things she needed to live. ;)

Well, I was lucky enough to locate an online store that happened to still have available for sale the Halloween Puffkins she wanted most. Even more miraculously, they were happy to ship them to Australia! So Amanda is now the proud owner of these...

In the back row, from left to right, there is Brutus the gargoyle, Screech the ghost, Skully the skull, and Ding the bat. And in the front row, there is Smash the pumpkin, Shadow the black cat, and Spinner the spider.

They actually had two Shadows in stock, so I acquired one for myself too. Oddly enough, the two Shadows look very different from one another -- so different I actually had to check the swing tags before I was sure they really were both from the same series. And almost unbelievably, one has just the perfect look for Amanda, while the other was exactly right to join my own little Puffkin family. What are the odds? :)



At 11:26 pm, November 14, 2006, Blogger Kate said...

I Love Cat Bus! You get to play with the coolest toys.


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