Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Surprise package!

Look what arrived here in the mail yesterday...

It's a surprise package from my Secret Pal for Secret Pal 9!

There's a 'Family Guy' DVD -- which I can't wait to watch, and my Secret Pal will be happy to hear that I don't already have -- along with a super-cute Totoro bookmark, and a lovely card. :) Suddenly, I'm really glad that I chose the button I did for my sidebar... ;) And where do people find all these knitting-related greeting cards, BTW? ;)

I also received a lovely animated e-card from my pal today, along with the news that there is something else heading my way in the mail from overseas already. I can hardly believe how fabulous and organized my pal is! :) -- after all, Secret Pal 9 only started a couple of days ago.

I'm off to a somewhat slower start with the pal I'm sending to, but I'm hoping that the things I have in mind for her will be worth the wait once I get everything all together for her here.



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