Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Zigzags and Waves

So where did the last month go? I had so many good intentions, but sadly so few of them were actually realized. I've even had a posting in mind to write for this blog for the past two weeks. I hasten to add that this isn't it -- that one will have to wait now until the cold I currently have has run its course and I'm feeling better.

In line with everything else, I haven't made nearly as much progress on my knitting projects as I would have liked. One thing I did start and finish, though, was this...

It's a 'Zigzag Scarf' knit using a 200g hank of JJ's 'Kaleidoscope' 8 ply yarn in colour # 27. The pattern is from Iris Schreier's 'Modular Knits', and was very quick to knit. As I wanted mine wider that the 10cm width of the original, I increased the number of cast on stitches for each of the base triangles to 13 (from the original 9), and increased the needle size to 5.5mm to improve that drape of the fabric knit with the yarn I chose to use. My finished scarf is approximately 20cm wide and 160cm long.

I've also finally made a start on what I've named my 'Celtic Waves Scarf'...

... which I'm knitting with the beautiful Louisa Harding yarn Knitabulous sent me as the prize for winning her guessing competition earlier this year. My original plan was to knit the 'Kimono Ribbon' rows as garter ridges, but I forgot to do this for one of the ridges and decided I preferred the way the flatter ridges worked with both the stitch pattern and the yarns. So I ripped it back and started the current version of the scarf, and I'm much happier now with the way it looks. I'm knitting this scarf on 5.5mm Clover bamboo circular needles -- I chose the 5.5mm size as I thought it would work well for both the 'Kimono Angora' and the 'Kimono Ribbon'.

Recently, I spotted this...

I frog.
... in the sidebar of Julie's blog. Given the number of times I typically start and re-start projects before I'm happy with them, I think I've well and truly earned the right to add one of these to my sidebar too. :)

At the last Saturday meeting at Rubi & Lana I went to, Sally was working on a project with some Kaalund yarn she bought from the Craft & Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour in June, and I promised I would post a photograph of the kit and yarn I bought from the Kaalund stand while I was there.

On the left of the photograph is a kit with a pattern and two balls of 'Expressions' (in 'Lavender' and 'Pacific', I think), which will be knit with the two yarns held together to make the 'Expressions Lacy Scarf' pattern which was included in the kit. On the right are two balls of 'Enchanté' in 'Lavender', which I intend to knit into a longer version of the 'Fine Lace Scarf'.

That's about it for now, but before I finish this posting, I'd like to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday back in June. :)

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At 11:05 pm, August 05, 2006, Blogger Kate said...

Love the 'Celtic Waves' design - it really shows up the yarn to its best. I've had a few enquiries about that modular scarf design (got one in the Scarf exchange) and now I know where the pattern comes from! Thanks.


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