Friday, March 17, 2006

Mystery Shawl Along 3

I followed Melissa's advice and contacted the person responsible for this knit along to ask her how to pay the $US3.00 fee for the pattern as I live in Australia, which unfortunately is not one of the countries her online store accepts payment from. Believe it or not, her response was that I should do exactly what Melissa did -- select one of the countries she does send things to, and then leave a comment to let her know that the country I live in is actually Australia. Worked like a charm! :)

I didn't take part in the first two of these knit alongs, but this third shawl looks like being a real winner -- yes, I peeked at the finished photo as I'm not really into the whole idea of spending time knitting something unless I'm sure I'm going to like the end result. Mind you, as the yarn I'd like to knit this with is not likely to even arrive here for another few weeks, the chances of me knitting this at the same time as anyone else taking part in the knit along are pretty slim at this stage. Anyway, I've gone ahead and put the 'Mystery Shawl Along 3' button in my sidebar -- just to remind me of my good intentions. ;)

There hasn't been a lot of knitting going on here since my last posting, but I have at last started on the final skein of yarn for the 'Lace Modular Shawl', so the end is finally in sight there. I won't bore you all with a photo of my progress as, to be honest, it wouldn't look different enough from the last one I posted to be worth the effort. I do have another posting in mind to write which will have photos though, but that will have to wait until after Michael gets home later tonight as he currently has another device connected to his PC where the cable for the digital camera normally goes, and I'm not going to risk damaging anything by fiddling around with things on my own.

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At 10:48 pm, March 17, 2006, Blogger Donna said...

I haven't done the third one, but I did the first two. Both were a little small for my liking, and then when the talk started about paying for the third pattern, and all the arguments started on the list for MS2, I unsubbed. I'll be interested to see how the third one works out, but I agree that I wouldn't pay for a pattern sight unseen - that was pretty much the basis for the arguments I think.

At 10:06 pm, March 24, 2006, Blogger melissa said...

Hoi there ,
I"m glad the payment worked out for you .. Bit silly really ,not having Australia on the pay pal list ..
I have been struck by a non knitting bug .. can't really be bothered ,which means unfortunately MS 3 has been languishing in the bottom of the knitting bag .. Hopefully cooler weather will re-ignite me .
I'll watch with interest how yours turns out .
Some of your shawls in further down posts are bea.utifull ..
I have to agree as well, about Silvia Hardings diamond fantasy shawl .. I"ts on my want to do list but at this rate will never ever get done .
anyway happy knitting


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